Follow The Money: Combat Money Laundering Through Data Linkages and Data Quality Improvements

Follow The Money: Combat Money Laundering Through Data Linkages and Data Quality Improvements

Money laundering depends on anonymity - the obfuscation of entities and transactions. Entity resolution and transaction monitoring systems can do much to detect money laundering schemes, but they only work as well as the data supplied to them. Ensuring data capture, data quality and  linking data together are keys to uncovering suspicious financial activity.

Join Pitney Bowes and Aite Group as they discuss how customer, counterparty, and transaction  data can be leveraged in the development of robust onboarding, maintenance and surveillance process to manage risk across your business and comply with regulations. 

In this session will discuss topics such as:

  • Data acquisition and quality
  • Capture and leverage KYC/CDD data to improve transaction monitoring
    • Reduce low quality alerts
    • Reduce chances of missing suspicious activity
    • Provide more contextual data to analysts/investigators
    • Overall efficiency improvement
  • Feedback loops
    • Update CDD risk ratings ongoing
    • Optimize transaction monitoring efficiency and efficacy
    • Improve management reporting
  • How to manage data acquisition, quality and linkages
  • How to operationalize continuity between KYC/CDD and transaction monitoring
  • How to create and leverage feedback loops

Join us for this discussion on capturing, resolving and applying client onboarding data and reviewing it over time. Go here to register today!

Please note, in order to hear the presenter you will need to have speakers or headphones connected to your computer and the volume set to an audible level. Please be sure to check your computer volume controls are not muted.

December 8, 2016
Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 11am ET

Ben Knieff is a senior analyst with Aite Group, specializing in fraud detection, identity verification and authentication, anti-money laundering/Bank Secrecy Act compliance, and investigations management. He brings to Aite Group over 15 years of product management and product marketing experience in Know Your Customer/due-diligence management, transaction monitoring, sanctions/OFAC compliance, account-origination fraud, online fraud, ATM fraud, and identity theft.