AI in Healthcare: Ten Essential Use Cases

A new Aite Group report finds that AI can help increase process efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and decrease incidences of fraud.

Boston, May 14, 2019  — Artificial intelligence is redefining what healthcare can look like when the industry dares to break its shackles from data silos, trusts in a robust set of predictive analytics, and leverages data asset management. AI and its technologies in arms—machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive learning—are paving the way to better engage with customers, impart satisfying customer experiences, and automate manual processes. Aite Group’s latest report, AI in Healthcare: Ten Essential Use Cases, provides relevant use cases that offer many compelling insights.

“Healthcare providers can no longer tiptoe around or delay adopting processes powered by AI,” says Inci Kaya, analyst at Aite Group. “Today, healthcare providers are sitting on secrets that remain locked amid their siloed data sources. These secrets, if unlocked by AI or ML, will ensure they are providing appropriate patient care, providing satisfactory customer support, and receiving correct payment in a timely fashion for their services. 

“Those that make the bold decision to change—a decision that is wrought with internal resistance and doubt—can expect to find a whole new lease on life. Others will suffer financial losses and end up with atrophied operations. The ball is now in the decision-makers’ court,” she explains. 

This new Aite Group report is based on 37 interviews conducted by Aite Group in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 with technology partners active in AI-powered services/solutions and with active businesses in the U.S. The research entailed interviews with technology vendor executives regarding their offerings and value propositions for the health insurance industry, and case studies with existing clients that illustrate how they implement what they claim to do. 

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