Is Blockchain a Good Fit?: A Disciplined Approach in Post-Trade


The realm of chaintech enablers is growing daily as new specialists join the fray and as nonnative chaintech technology firms learn to speak this new language.

Boston, March 28, 2017 - When it comes to distributed ledger technologies—also known as blockchain and chaintech—it seems as if everyone has something to say. The temptation simply to ignore this new trend is strong, but DLT is fueling a real operational transformation that is poised to give businesses a lower operational base, greater automation, and faster delivery times. Chaintech-complacent businesses risk becoming the Motorola or Nokia to someone else’s Apple. 

Not all financial institutions view chaintech similarly. Banks, and particularly the top 50 global banks, are among the firms leading the chaintech charge, making investments in promising chaintech vendors, and participating in a variety of chaintech proofs of concept. To other types of financial institutions, such as small/midsize banks, credit unions, and brokerage firms, a realization of chaintech potential and importance is coming slowly.

“To evaluate options related to chaintech,” says Aite Group senior analyst Javier Paz, “the C-suite needs a solid technology vantage point and firm-specific operational data that reveals vulnerability to/greater efficiency from chaintech.”

This report, Is Blockchain A Good Fit?: A Disciplined Approach in Post-Trade is based on qualitative Aite Group interviews from June 2016 to February 2017 with 30 senior executives from 16 blockchain firms, four financial markets utilities, four large technology firms, three trading venues, one industry group, one large asset manager, and one major securities regulator. The report also draws from relevant secondary data.


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