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August 23, 2016 by David Albertazzi

On September 8th and 9th, Finovate celebrates its 10-year anniversary by returning to New York with FinovateFall, the flagship two-day showcase of the latest and greatest financial technology innovations from established companies as well as startups.

August 15, 2016 by Christine Pratt

On July 29, 2016 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) issued a Financial Institution Letter seeking comments on proposed changes to 2008 guidance for third-party lending. Since the FDIC’s role in regulation is to insure customer deposits against bank failures, its 2008 guidance spoke to third-party dangers that could cause banks to fail and what measures and due diligence might need to be in place to prevent losses due to these relationships. It was primarily directed at outsourcing providers.

August 8, 2016 by Samantha Chow

Life insurance is a must-have if you have a family or financial commitments. Like many, I bought my policy many years ago and never really thought about it again. Granted, I live in the world of life insurance, so I know it is there and active, but it wasn’t until recently that a friend probed me to take a look and make sure I had the coverage I needed (he’s a new agent). I passed all my information over to this new agent and told him to do his thing and let me know where I stood. When he came back to me, he advised me that my current policy was based on a 30-year-old mortality table and costing me way too much! Who would have thought?