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December 20, 2011

Via a recent Securities Technology Monitor article by Peter Chapman, "SEC Strengthens Market Structure Crimes Unit," we became aware that this is first time a large regulatory agency has recognized the need to employ former industry (non-lawyer) trading specialists as field investigators to sniff out potential trading abuses by various securities markets participants.

September 7, 2011

The headline from the September 2 economic news release: The U.S. unemployment rate for August remained at 9.1%. This is the fifth consecutive month in which the official unemployment rate has stayed at or above 9%. Meanwhile, August non-farm payrolls were at zero, and downward adjustments to employment for June and July were another 26,000 and 32,000, respectively. How can this economy create more jobs without big government?

Howard Tai is a senior analyst with Aite Group, focusing on derivatives products, multi-asset class investment, and risk management strategies, as well as the role of electronic trading in currency, equity derivatives, convertible securities, and equities.