Blogs by Christian Benson

February 6, 2020

Securities class actions represent an increasingly important aspect of the capital markets industry. Their rise has sparked an increased demand for infrastructure and insight that is adequate to deal with them. As global jurisdictions look to catch up with the highly developed legal system of the U.S., class-actions regimes are beginning to take shape in jurisdictions such as the U.K., Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong. This blog post will outline some of the current trends, implications, and anxieties around the recent rise of class actions in the securities industry.

October 22, 2019

For decades, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) have preferred to remain in the shadows. Little was known about them and their nature as long-term passive investors helped keep it this way. In recent years, however, the nature of SWFs has begun to evolve. Alongside accumulating a large and growing pool of capital, the profile of sovereign wealth has been boosted by high-profile investments in disruptive technology giants, such as Uber and WeWork; a growing appetite to develop their own internal operations; and the close relationship between SWFs and national governments.