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Twitterview, Stress Testing With Data Virtualization: Better Insights, Lower Cost

On September 17, 2014, Aite Group's David O'Connell was involved in a Q&A Twitterview with Delphix, where he discussed data virtualization for banks and the subject of stress testing. If you didn't get a chance to see it live, you can read the transcript below or search Twitter for #BankStressTesting. And for more information on the subject, you can sign up for the Thursday, September 25 webinar on the subject here.

David O'Connell: Welcome, @Delphix. We’re excited to discuss how stress testing bottlenecks can be eliminated with Data Virtualization 

Delphix: Thanks @dpoconnell. Happy to be here to share how Data Virtualization benefits for banks engaged in stress testing. 

DO: Great @Delphix. Let's get started! Reminder, please follow the hashtag #BankStressTesting to follow the @aitegroup Twitterview.

DO: What is the broader applicability of data virtualization for banks – beyond stress testing? 

Delphix: Data virtualization accelerates various IT projects like #AppDev, M&A, data center migrations, GRC, BI & data protection.

DO: What applications and data sources can @Delphix data virtualization support? 

Delphix: Any Linux/Unix based app. Banks use @Delphix w/ front/middle/back office apps including trading, HR, CRM, financials etc. 

DO: Given the #StressTesting effort is already underway, how difficult/easy is it to deploy and use data virtualization? 

Delphix: Several global banks have deployed Delphix mid-project in days & realized major cost, quality, & acceleration benefits. 

DO: Thank you, @Delphix for a great conversation on #BankStressTesting w/ Data Virtualization. For more info, register for our webinar Sept 25.

Delphix: You are welcome, @dpoconnell. Looking forward to the  #BankStressTesting webinar