Blogs by Gwenn Bézard

September 19, 2016

Over the past 18 months, U.S. auto insurers have expressed renewed interest in usage-based insurance as consumers become more comfortable with the concept. Some U.S. insurers are seeing growing uptake for their telematics insurance programs. Over 30% of new customers are now opting for usage-based insurance at Nationwide and Progressive, for instance. The maturation of smartphones as telematics sensors is also playing a considerable role in shaping insurers’ renewed interest.

March 16, 2016

Smart-home technologies are rapidly becoming mainstream, and insurers have an opportunity to participate in this market. When engaging with potential partners, even the largest insurers should have a realistic appreciation of their level of influence over consumers, and therefore what they can bring to the table for smart-home device-makers, installers, and distributors. In conversations with firms that have tried to partner with insurers, we found that too often large insurers show up at the table with an inflated sense of the value they can bring. This can backfire on insurers.

February 1, 2016

Many large personal U.S. auto insurers made time in 2015 to refresh their policies and address the issue of ridesharing by offering ridesharing endorsements. Rolling those endorsements out nationwide and getting more insurers to offer them is still a work in progress, and insurers need to consider three pitfalls.