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Market Entry Strategy

Aite Group analysts help clients formulate detailed, actionable market entry strategies.

Sample engagements include:

  • Conducting a quantitative study of active traders in six countries; sized the market, key players, domestic preferences, and incidence of various types of retail traders

  • Assessing banks’ fraud-prevention investment plans via executive survey for a large vendor looking to expand its services

  • Assisting a Europe-based OMS vendor in entering new markets

  • Helping a payment provider size the opportunity for B2B foreign exchange in Europe and determine an entry strategy

  • For a mobile platform vendor, designing a strategy for entering the financial advisor market; conducted a quantitative survey of 200 financial advisors, analyzing their behavior outside the office as well as their requirements for mobile computing support to identify attractive market segments and develop requirements for the new offering

  • Helping a global technology firm and a leading payment firm review their market positions and create new market entry strategies

  • Honing new opportunities in U.S. and European markets for an Asian systems integrator

  • Creating a Canadian market entry strategy for a claims management software and services provider

  • Supporting a leading Asian technology firm in considering market opportunities and an entry strategy in North America

  • Validating a go-to-market strategy in the healthcare biller-direct space for a leading financial services software and services company

  • Gauging the market appetite and need for enterprise fraud solutions for a leading U.S. technology vendor

  • Sizing the market opportunity for a general-purpose prepaid debit card for a retail financial institution

  • Assessing the mobile two-factor authentication space for a firm looking to enter it via partnership

  • Assisting a U.S.-based global vendor in creating a payments maturity model to define five stages and the differences between them for all payments constituents

  • Sizing the payroll market for checks and ACH for a large U.S.-based service provider

  • Assisting a U.S.-based global vendor in assessing global markets for credit-segment-specific technologies

For more information on our market entry strategy capabilities, please contact:

Tel: +1.617.338.6050

Our analysts, subject-matter experts within the financial services industry, lead and execute our market entry strategy projects.

Aite Group analysts are uniquely qualified to assist with such projects because of their deep domain expertise, their experience with market sizing and trend and competitive analysis, and the size and quality of their executive network.