New Realities in Wealth Management: Hope Springs Eternal

New Aite Group research shows that 6.7% growth in 2016 has brought U.S. client assets to approximately US$20.4 trillion.

Boston, June 14, 2017 — Aite Group’s latest report, New Realities in Wealth Management: Hope Springs Eternal, explores the U.S. wealth management industry’s continued consolidation, a movement that has been strengthened by firms’ drive to achieve greater scale amid continued cost pressures. Firms are also hard at work providing digital advisory solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to crunch large data sets. Meanwhile, the trend of offering digital advisory solutions continued in 2016, with many firms still in the planning and development stages, though many digital advisory platforms have been acquired by wealth management firms seeking an early-mover advantage. Aite Group believes that there is no turning back from this digital phenomenon.

“Wealth management firms that lack a digital strategy and the ability to execute quickly may risk being left behind,” says Aite Group senior analyst Bill Butterfield. “Empirically, the timing of integration and rollout of robo-advisors has not met the hype from the previous few years, as many firms find there is more work than originally anticipated due to legacy-system integration limitations,” he says.

This addition to Aite Group’s New Realities in Wealth Management series looks at changes that occurred in 2016, considers a historical view, sizes the market in various ways, and projects channel market share over the next four years. This report leverages publicly available information—regulatory filings, investor presentations, and news articles—as well as Aite Group interviews with firm executives conducted throughout 2016.

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