Health Insurance Practice

Aite Group’s Health Insurance practice focuses on the industry stakeholders involved in the rapidly changing healthcare industry: financial institutions, health plans, healthcare providers, healthcare solution vendors, and third-party administrators.  The Health Insurance practice provides information and insight about how these stakeholders interact with each other, the technologies and processes used, the solutions available to each stakeholder, and how the stakeholders deliver the final product to consumers and employers.  Focus areas are:

  • Consumer-directed healthcare (CDH)

  • Public and private exchanges

  • Healthcare insurance payments—patient-to-provider, payer-to-provider, insurance premiums, and supply chain payments

  • Fraud detection and management

  • Claims administration and processing

  • Electronic medical records

  • Business process outsourcing

  • Vendor solution assessments

  • Health insurers’ and providers’ IT priorities and spending

  • Product development life-cycle planning