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SunGard’s CSA Paradigm: Practical Lessons from the Shift

SunGard’s CSA Paradigm: Practical Lessons from the Shift

As more vendors work with standard protocols, integration efforts between like-architected systems are exponentially more cost effective and easier to execute
By Adam Honoré

Boston, MA, December 20, 2005 – According to a new report by Aite Group, LLC, as vendors and internal IT staff look to refresh and augment technology in 2006, there are several key lessons that can be applied to their efforts based on SunGard's Common Services Architecture initiative, including decision process, agnostic development, and hidden benefits.

According to Adam Honoré , Senior Analyst and author of the report, In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, "Thomas Kuhn introduced the world to the idea of a paradigm shift to illustrate the difference between scientific evolution and scientific revolution-- where revolution changes an entire accepted paradigm into a new paradigm through what Kuhn refers to as 'crisis'. Although the analogy may be a bit dramatic to reference with SunGard's CSA (Common Services Architecture) initiative, the process has seen significant parallel shifts in the way SunGard approaches product development and delivery. This report discusses some of the practical lessons SunGard has learned through the application of fundamental changes to their product model."

This is a 12-page Impact Note. Clients of Aite Group's Institutional Securities and Wealth Management services can download the report.