Upcoming Reports

See below a list of some of our upcoming reports:​

  • Exos Financial: Can Digitalization Save the Institutional Broker-Dealer Market?, Matt Simon
  • Collections Insights 2020: A Window Into the Third-Party Collection Industry, Leslie Parrish
  • Digital Transformation in P&C Insurance: Current Benchmark and Future Roadmap, Jay Sarzen
  • Global Watchlist Vendors: An Evolving Landscape, Julie Conroy and Chuck Subrt
  • Prime Brokerage Trends: Survival of the Fittest, Matt Simon
  • Team of Rivals: The Rise of the New API Security Gateway Market, Alissa Knight/Gwenn Bezard
  • U.S. Health Insurance Rewards and Incentive Programs: Motivating for Wellness, Inci Kaya
  • Leaders and the Laggards: Global Analytics Ecosystem Comparison by Country, Tiffani Montez

For more information on getting access to our research and analysts, please contact:

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