Upcoming Reports

See below a list of some of our upcoming reports:​

  • AIM Evaluation: Policy Administration Systems’ Ability to Integrate External Third-Party Data, Jay Sarzen
  • Clean Shares and Product Fee Compression: Regulation, Economics, and Contingency Plans, Greg O'Gara
  • Person-to-Person Payments in the U.S.: The Case for Real Time, Talie Baker
  • ESG Integration and Data: How Is It Changing Buy-Side Firms?, Paul Sinthunont 
  • U.S. Consumer Payment Experience: A Blueprint for Creating Positive Behaviors, David Albertazzi and MichaelTrilli
  • Application Fraud: Fighting an Uphill Battle, Shirley Inscoe
  • Global Investments in Insurtech: Digitalization Taking Hold, Inci Kaya
  • Consumer Lending Challenges, Trends, and Spends: The Consumer at the Center, Leslie Parrish 
  • Business-to-Consumer Disbursements in the U.S.: Market Overview, Talie Baker
  • The Impact of Global Trends on the U.S. Payments Market, Ron van Wezel and Thad Peterson
  • Business-to-Consumer Disbursements in Canada: Market Overview, Talie Baker
  • Facing the CECL Challenge: an Analysis of Small Banks’ Preparations, David O'Connell
  • Unsecured Lending: New Opportunities for Credit Issuers and Fraudsters, Julie Conroy 
  • A Cylance Case Study: Machine Learning in Insider Threat Incident Response, Alissa Knight 
  • Institutional Crypto Asset Custody: The Players Incumbents Need to Watch, Gabriel Wang

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