Wednesday, February 10, 2021 | 2:00 PM ET

Digital Certificate Lifestyle Management

Digital transformation initiatives, mobile commerce, and IoT deployments are directly facilitated by the expanded use of digital certificates for device identification and encryption of traffic. Although digital certificates have been used extensively for more than two decades, traditional manual processes including spreadsheets and overlapping tools to keep track of these certificates can no longer meet the demands of the growing proliferation of certificates across an organization’s infrastructure. Unmanaged certificates that expire can lead to expensive outages which translate to unhappy customers, potential brand damage, and loss of revenue. There have been recent incidents where unmanaged certificate expirations have even negatively impacted public health reporting and may have caused a major music streaming service to go offline. In this webinar, Aite Group will present an overview of certificate lifecycle management requirements, provide observations and recommendations for best practices in digital certificate management, and detail a case study of how an organization is reducing risk with a unified certificate management solution. Following Aite Group’s presentation, a representative of Entrust will introduce their Certificate Hub offering and explain how this solution can help organizations avoid digital certificate related issues and keep business flowing. This 60 minute webinar will be of interest to anyone responsible for digital transformation programs, cybersecurity operations, and security architecture planning.


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