Enterprise Buy-Side Risk: The Stakes Have Changed

Risk management and risk management professionals play an increasingly important role in the money management business. These teams’ technology tools need to support a combination of both ex post and ex ante risk analyses, and they are vital to firms’ operations. In the wider context of buy-side technology architecture, front-to-back platform deployments—fueled by trends in vendor consolidation and by integrated systems’ expanding capabilities—have challenged the traditional best-of-breed model for smaller functional components such as risk.

Register today to attend this live webinar with Aite Group senior analyst Audrey Blater and analyst Paul Sinthunont, who will provide a snapshot of the state of buy-side risk management. They will also discuss a range of trends and solutions desired by the buy-side in response to the ever-changing investment and regulatory landscape.

Key discussion points will include:

  • A discussion of the latest challenges faced by risk managers and how they are coping with new demands
  • An examination of the current technology stacks at buy-side firms and predictions of what this will look like in the future
  • An exploration of how future development from third-party risk vendors might influence the landscape and buy-side firms’ operating models
April 10, 2019
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | 10 a.m. ET

Audrey Blater, Ph.D., is a senior research analyst who supports Aite Group’s Institutional Securities & Investment group’s efforts, focusing on fixed income, foreign exchange, listed and OTC derivatives, and risk management research. Her work spans technological developments, industry trends, and market structure as well as the impact of financial regulations.

Paul Sinthunont is an analyst at Aite Group, specializing in buy-side research. His focus is on portfolio systems, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), portfolio risk management, performance measurement, index management, and client reporting.