The Future of Active Trading

Retail trading and retail investing have traditionally been separate worlds, but strangely enough, they’ve been merging. Bold brokers’ current vision is that firms must broaden their appeal well beyond an asset class, trading product, or investing vehicle. The most forward-looking among them are casting their eyes on a passive investing audience, well outside of their traditional self-directed trading crowd. The end result is that the differences between retail FX and CFD trading have completely blurred, and the leading FX/CFD brokers are transforming into financial services firms with more services offered.   

Join senior analyst Javier Paz as he discusses key developments in the FX and CFD active trading world. Javier will explain how leading firms are responding to these competitive landscape changes while giving particular emphasis to product launches and tracking the growth of this space across select geographies, ranging from Japan, the United States, Australia, and parts of Europe.

Learn about:

  • The evolution of retail brokerage models
  • Key developments in the world of active foreign exchange and contract for difference trading
  • Competitive landscape changes and outlook
  • Growth of this space across the world ranging from Japan, the United States, Australia and parts of Europe

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The Future of Active Trading

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May 25, 2016

Javier Paz is a senior analyst within Aite Group's Wealth Management practice. In this role, Mr. Paz examines brokerage trends in business, regulation, and technology across asset classes. Areas of particular expertise include retail FX and other self-directed trading, trader/investor segmentation, front-end trading technology, and margin-trading regulations.