Health Benefit Account or Health Investment Accounts: Where Do HSAs Go From Here?

HSAs have been the darling child of the health benefit accounts market, and more recently they have caught the eye of retirement planners and the investment market. Tax-advantaged health benefit accounts play an important role in employee finances and the employer’s tax responsibility. Are HSAs going to become decoupled from their tribe of health insurance and find a new home as an investment product? Will HSAs find a home in the broader world of financial wellness?

Join Aite Group analyst Inci Kaya as she discusses how recent shifts in employer benefits, employee enrollment levels, and the evolving cast of market constituents are impacting the future of HSAs and other health benefit accounts.  

Key discussion points will include the following:

  • Growth forecast for HSAs and other tax-advantaged health benefit accounts (i.e., FSAs, HRAs)
  • Employer perceptions and employee adoption levels
  • Evolving market stakeholders interested in capturing the HSA opportunity


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Health Benefit Account or Health Investment Accounts: Where Do HSAs Go From Here?

November 13, 2019
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 | 2 p.m. ET

Inci Kaya works within Aite Group’s Health Insurance practice and covers healthcare payments, health IT, evolving market trends, and vendor evaluations and their implications for industry stakeholders. Ms. Kaya brings to Aite Group 10 years of experience in advisory research, strategic market insights, and analysis working with financial services, IT service providers, and healthcare industry clients.