Investment and Insurance-Centric Financial Advisors: A Comparison

Financial advisors with independent broker-dealers, insurance-affiliated broker-dealers, and large independent networks range from those generating the lion's share of their revenue through investments to those generating most of theirs through insurance, and their product utilization can vary just as widely. Firms operating in this space and their service providers need to realize the diverse ways advisors conduct business in order to better customize their offerings and future developments. 

This webinar aims to shed light on the makeup and activities of financial advisors who work for brokerages that embrace independence and compares and contrasts those advisors who generate various portions of their revenue through the sale of life insurance and annuities products (insurance-centric advisors) with those financial advisors who primarily generate revenue through the sale and/or management of investment products (investment-centric advisors). The webinar provides a view into advisors' current and future product usage, revenue generation, fee-based management style, advisor heritage, and propensity to switch channels.

March 11, 2015