The Potential of Enhanced Risk Mitigation: Lowering Frequency and Severity, and Increasing Policyholder Engagement


Hoping that policyholders don't damage property is something carriers do daily. But hope is not a strategy. Carriers can proactively take steps to lower both frequency and severity of losses through a range of enhanced risk mitigation techniques. 

Join Aite Group senior analyst Jay Sarzen for this live one-hour webinar as he highlights some key findings from his recent report, Controlling and Engaging Policyholders With Enhanced Risk Mitigation.

Key discussion points will include:

  • The reasons enhanced risk mitigation solutions are needed
  • The types of enhanced risk mitigation solutions that are available to carriers
  • The types of vendors that can deliver these enhanced risk mitigation solutions
  • Consumer receptivity to using enhanced risk mitigation solutions
  • The challenges carriers face in deploying enhanced risk mitigation solutions and how carriers can overcome them


Clients of Aite Group's Property & Casualty practice can access the full webinar on-demand by logging into our website.

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The Potential of Enhanced Risk Mitigation

June 11, 2019
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 | 11 a.m. ET

Jay Sarzen is a senior analyst with Aite Group’s P&C Insurance practice. He brings to Aite Group over 15 years of experience delivering strategic advice to a wide variety of clients, primarily in financial services.