The Power Play: Leveraging Options Trading to Accelerate Customer Transaction Activity

While common challenges of remaining competitive and capturing younger generations of investors remain constant, financial institutions also face a need to address plateauing profits and look for new, creative sources of revenue. Advanced trading functionality, with options trading at the top of the list, has become both a differentiator and transaction driver for firms that are able to achieve highly visual and intuitive market data research experiences. Empowering investors of all levels with an optimized options trading platform serves as a pathfinder to affordable and intelligent investment opportunities, increasing transaction flow for firms.

Hear industry experts Javier Paz, Senior Analyst, Aite GroupTony Zhang, Head of Product Strategy, OptionsPlay and Chris Psaltos, VP of Product Management, Scivantage, as they discuss the current options trading landscape and the technology drivers making complex trading tools an imperative for investment firms.


November 18, 2014