Swap Execution Facilities Review: Q3 2016 - Webcast

In a sense the SEF market is lively—OTC derivatives are electronically traded on 17 active SEFs, cleared at central counterparties, and reported to swaps data repositories without major trade breaks—but the market remains in the doldrums. Some attrition and consolidation have narrowed the field, and there’s basically just one pure SEF startup still active. Yet most would agree that 17 active SEFs is still too many.

Tune in to senior analyst David B. Weiss's mini-webcast as he discusses his latest report: Swap Execution Facilities Review: Q3 2016 . This five-minute clip will provide you with a brief overview on the SEF trading landscape particularly focusing on market share of SEFs, trading models, operators, and operator types.

For a more in-depth analysis, the full report is available for purchase. Please contact us at sales@aitegroup.com to learn more.

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November 15, 2016