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I just downloaded your most recent report ... I found it very useful, as I am sure my colleagues will.

Leading financial technology services provider

Thanks so much for your blazing-fast response time!

Head of research for a major payment processor

Our experience with Aite Group has been great! When I call in to speak with the analysts, they pick up the phone 85% of the time, and if they are unavailable, I usually hear back from them within an hour.

Leading card issuer

Many people have referred, in the past few months, to your [research report]. Something of a benchmark, I think.

Leading data provider

[Your insight] is exactly what I needed! ... I can always rely on you!

Leading core banking vendor

Our CEO and a number of our executive members said today this is the best document they have seen on EMV. They were thrilled. 

Leading multinational financial services corporation

As always, you and your team help us out in so many ways!

Leading payment processor

Your group, quite frankly, has been the best we've ever worked with.

Product strategy executive

I happened across your just-released Impact Note [on core banking]. This is outstanding! ... Beyond the fact that we agree with you, your focus on two factors (among others) is really unique in the research world.

Senior researcher for a major core processor

I have to say that I have been very impressed with your speed of response. … Very good customer service.

Leading Canadian bank

We engaged Aite Group on a highly strategic, board-mandated market research project. Aite Group delivered not only high-quality, tailored research but concrete, actionable recommendations that fit with our organization. For once, I really felt like we got our money's worth from a consulting firm.

Leading provider of financial risk management technology solutions