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[We think] very highly about the quality of your research, the thoughtfulness of your analysts, and the attentiveness you give. I cannot say enough good things about [lead security analyst].

Leading security technology vendor

We are all delighted with your insight and findings.

Leading global provider of outsourcing solutions

I am not trying to blow sunshine, but [Aite Group is] really doing some strong work.

Leading technology vendor

We have been very impressed by Aite Group’s research.

Leading prepaid card marketer

I don't think any of our other analyst firms would have been able to come up with this [information]—especially in such a short time frame.

Leading payment solutions provider

Your analysis and insights provided a better understanding of merchant-funded incentives and where the market is headed. You did an excellent job of explaining the merchant-funded incentive value chain, and your insights on merchant-funded incentive vendors really painted a vivid picture of how incentives are offered and delivered to cardholders.

Leading card network

It's always great to see ... the Aite Group team out in the industry—especially at our events. Your thought leadership is of ever-increasing value to us ... and I'm not just saying that.

Leading technology processor

Many people have referred, in the past few months, to your [research report]. Something of a benchmark, I think.

Leading data provider

[Aite Group analyst access is] massively helpful.

Leading technology provider

[We] often order your research. You do a great job, and I value the insight.

Top 20 U.S. bank

Thanks a whole bunch for this [analyst access]. ... It's perfect!

Senior managing director for a leading investment bank