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Thanks for the additional color. The commentary from Aite has always been exceptional and insightful. More importantly, the timeliness of your responses ... is a positive attribute.

Research analyst for a major card processor

Your wholesale banking team is highly respected in the industry. I asked several of my banking clients … who they use for research, and all of them said we feel [Aite Group] is the best firm for our research needs.

Leading financial services technology provider

As always, your team pulls together exceptional information.

Leading payment processor

Aite Group’s report is excellent. Thank you!

Head of strategy for a leading online payment processor

[Your insight] is exactly what I needed! ... I can always rely on you!

Leading core banking vendor

Other research firms’ relationships are more formal; everyone is too busy to talk to me.

Head of research for a global technology vendor

[Our analyst access] call today was great ... excellent industry knowledge and understanding of intricate industry processes. Experience exceeded expectations.

Leading global payments company

I have to say that I have been very impressed with your speed of response. … Very good customer service.

Leading Canadian bank

As always, you and your team help us out in so many ways!

Leading payment processor

[Aite Group analyst access is] massively helpful.

Leading technology provider

I am certain I will enjoy the report—I like your stuff—it is always very well done.

Leading technology provider