I don't think any of our other analyst firms would have been able to come up with this [information]—especially in such a short time frame.

Leading payment solutions provider

[We] often order your research. You do a great job, and I value the insight.

Top 20 U.S. bank

[Regarding your recent profitability analytics report], it’s a treat to see the re-emergence of that kind of comprehensive analysis.

Executive for major core processor

Outstanding call held today! It was just right level of depth, engagement, new information building on known. We really appreciate you pulling this together and feel this was a great learning session for us!

Head of global market intelligence

We have been very impressed by Aite Group’s research.

Leading prepaid card marketer

[Our analyst access] call today was great ... excellent industry knowledge and understanding of intricate industry processes. Experience exceeded expectations.

Leading global payments company

We’re just delighted to have finally joined Aite. The value of your research was key in the decision.  

Service Model Manager, third-party insurance administrative services provider

The new IT spending report is fantastic. I just wanted to reach out personally to say what great, high-quality work this is and how helpful strategically it is to the team here.

Leading technology provider

Thank you for your work on the recent Sales Leakage in Financial Services report. I found the analysis to be very interesting, and the findings clearly suggest there are a lot of opportunities for financial services firms to improve various aspects of the prospect experience.

Director of strategic market analysis for a major brokerage firm

Thanks so much for your blazing-fast response time!

Head of research for a major payment processor

I am very happy with the quality and topics of the research published by the Aite Group as well as the client service provided by you. I look forward to an even more engaging relationship.

Top 10 U.S. bank